Astrological analysis. Overcoming crisis situations

  The basis of the practical philosophy of the Yellow Shamanism is astrology Zurgha, which is usually simplistic called "Eastern, or Chinese, horoscope".

  Zurgha is the oldest calendar of all proto-Indo-European peoples. In the heart of the system fixes the theory of the five first items.

  Through the teaching of Zurgha is possible to make detailed picture of human destiny, taking into account his psychological characteristics, predispositions to professional implementation in the society. It also quite clearly summarizes the health of a person, his mystical calling, a relationship with the subtle worlds and their inhabitants

  In human life there are difficult periods from astrological point of view. At the beginning there are new life cycles: 1 time in 12 years - "match of the year", and 1 time in 9 years - "a birthmark, mengae". Many people believe that if "began my year - (for example) the year of the Monkey, so this is the happy period". On the contrary, it is the time of maximum difficulties associated with the loss of old qualities and the emergence of a new. During these periods, with the statistical probability there is a high risk of severe illness, failures, accidents and deaths. There are rites such as "the ransom of the Lord of Death", which allows to minimize the trouble and to lay the Foundation of happiness for future human development.

  In relations between people there are the tensions caused astrologically too. They can also be overcome with the help of shamanistic magical practices.