The training seminars

  This program of seminars is for people interested in their spiritual development and ancient tradition of Faith Eternal Heaven or Shamanism. The representatives of any religious denomination may touch on this tradition focused on compassion for all living beings and abstained from the dictatorial monopoly on the truth. 


  You can participate in one or more seminars by choice, without losing the quality of the acquired knowledge and skills.























  The obtained knowledge can be useful to Christians and Buddhists, Muslims and Taoists, and is great for representatives of other religions who want to better understand their traditions . For those who will feel a deep kinship with the tradition of Faith Eternal Heaven in the way of transmission of the Ninth shaman`s Heaven of the White Dragon, this tradition can be a Refuge in the achievement of personal happiness in everyday life, and on the other side of death. The program lasts for a year or just two classes. During the course the participant can make significant changes in the perception of the world, can raise the level of volitional self-organization, can gain the power in achieving of the exempt purposes. 


Full program of seminars you can see here

For questions on the organization of seminars, use the feedback form to contact us or directly


phone: +7 (911) 254 0123

To sign up for personal or online consultation you must specify the following information:


1. Full name

2. The day, month and year of birth

3. Occupation, marital status

4. Your city of residence 

5.The subject matter that interests you

(For example, the issue of health: the diagnosis, when and by whom delivered, what treatment was performed, the subjective sensations and complaints)

6. If necessary attach your photo and/or other participants in the situation

7. Contacts: email or cell number

Use contact form or contact us by email:

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