Personal or online consultation

  During a personal online-consultation you can get help on your questions about life situation you are in, get a personal horoscope. You may also carry out rituals to improve physical well-being, the establishment and strengthening of the family, the treatment, cleaning, and any necessary assistance as a part of the classic "17 shamanic works".


  In addition to the treatment prayers, rites with the tambourine and kuzungu, the laying on of hands is used herbal medicine due to the medicinal plants of the Eastern Sayan mountains.













A personal consultation is on:


- definition of destiny

- drawing up an astrological analysis

- removal of deterioration and jinx, spirit purification

- increase of material well-being

- health

- creating and strengthening the family

- sanctification of space

- seeing off the deceased

- establishing protection from enemies

To sign up for personal or online consultation you must specify the following information:


1. Full name

2. The day, month and year of birth

3. Occupation, marital status

4. Your city of residence 

5.The subject matter that interests you

(For example, the issue of health: the diagnosis, when and by whom delivered, what treatment was performed, the subjective sensations and complaints)

6. If necessary attach your photo and/or other participants in the situation

7. Contacts: email or cell number


Use contact form or contact us by email:


Recommended donation (PayPal): $70 

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