Lecture of Dr.Ghurba in gallery "Kunstraum" (Vienna)

"Shamanism as a philosophy of fearlessness» Lecturing Taras Ghurba, PhD in Philosophy

WHEN: the 3th of April at 7 p.m.

WHERE: Gallery „Kunstraum“ at Ringstrassen-Galerien

ADDRESS: Kärntner Ring 11-13 (OG, Top 144)1010 Wien

The lecture reveals basics of the Eurasian ancient spiritual tradition of shamanism. Dr. Ghurba will present a conception of the causes, nature and mechanisms of happiness and suffering of sentient beings. He will give the doctrine of good fate, life choices, death, and rebirth of a person. In conclusion, Taras Ghurba will hold a ceremony of "Space Purification", which contributes to the harmonization of people's lives in a particular area. Taras Ghurba is a practicing shaman, healer, astrologer and writer. He holds an academic degree of the Doctor of Philosophy, develops and presents seminars on the philosophy of shamanism, theory of elements and Zurgha astrology. He is a Chairman of the shamanic community "Kuzungu–Eeren" in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The audiences of the lecture will have a possibility to sign up for individual consultations on the issues of astrological diagnosis, negative energy elimination, healing, strengthening of family and material prosperity, seeing off the dead, space consecration, and other. To make an appointment, call + 43 699 1747 0485

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