Seminar and individual sessions in Kiev

June 30 - July 3, 2017 we invite you to participate in a series of workshops on shamanism by Taras Ghurba!

Introductory lecture. The Rite Of "Purification Of Space" for harmonization the lives of people in a particular area.

1st seminar. Shamanism. Attract happiness in life. For finding health, life companion and material prosperity.

Intended for everyone interested in spiritual development and ancient tradition of Shamanism.

During the workshop you will be: - learning the basics of the ancient spiritual traditions and shamanic Skies; - learning to understand the energy of being; - mastering the method of controlling the primary elements of the universe; - achieving a harmonious state in matters of health, personal life and material well-being; - spreading your joy to others.

2nd seminar. Shamanism. The basics of spiritual healing and security.

For professional healers, astrologers, psychologists, medical professionals and anyone interested in sustainable causes for happiness.

During the workshop you will be: - studying the theory of the five elements and Mongolian astrology "Zurgha"; - learning to apply it in the diagnosis in their lives; - preventing and correcting tense situations; - studying regularities of interaction of humans and various spirits; - navigating in a world of subtle entities, to find protection from evil spirits and black magic; to eliminate the influences of evil spirits and to strengthen their own power; - producing a "definition of destiny" to make important decisions, including those with shamanic divination "Huanagh".

One workshop lasts for two days – a total of 14 hours of classes.

The cost of the workshop 3500 UAH, with the prepayment of 50% prior to 16 June will cost 3200 UAH, two seminars – 6000 UAH.

Will be possible to make an appointment

More information by phone: (099) 545 56 12, (093) 155 55 09, (098) 594 42 63

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